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Analysis of cutting notice of manual tile cutting machine
Jan 09, 2017

Manual tile cutting machine in the building materials industry is very common, especially in some individual shops and small renovation project, the advantages of manual tile cutting machine is more obvious fact, but in practice there are some aspects of special needs Note that the only way to ensure the normal use of manual tile cutting machine. Manual tile cutting machine manufacturers to come with the user to talk about specific matters needing attention.

1, knife wheel dashing Do not use pressure, just gently in the tile surface draw a uniform, continuous line can be, marking from start to finish;

2, do not repeatedly re-use knife wheel line, so as not to affect the cutting accuracy and wheel life;

3, rail to avoid water into the sand, if there is water into the sand, please clean up in time;

4. Do not move the tiles after the wheel is scribed to ensure that the wheel line is aligned with the bottom plate.

5, million spectrum licensing manual tile cutting machine can cut most of the tiles on the market, but for a few surface uneven, antique brick and other individual bricks may cut the effect is not ideal;

Manual tile cutting machine in the course of the above-mentioned points are to pay special attention to, so that both can be put right is the normal use of manual tile cutting machine to improve work efficiency, but also can extend the life of manual tile cutting machine

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