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High-pressure water jet in those parts have their own functions
Jan 09, 2017

High-pressure water jet as a waterjet, the main use of pressurized equipment allows rapid water flow through the nozzle, from the generation of a huge force, this force is enough to complete the cutting of hard objects. Compared to other cutting process, the high-pressure water jet cutting with environmental pollution-free, high precision cutting, not heat distortion and so on.

High-pressure water jet has so many advantages, but also inseparable from the close cooperation with it a series of accessories, these accessories include a dynamic height follower, filtration system and water knife bricks, etc., are of high quality cutting quality plays a decisive role .

To the high-pressure water jet in the dynamic heights follower, its main role is obvious, is to be able to automatically sensor waterjet nozzle and the distance between the material, and according to the cutting needs to automatically set a reasonable cutting position. At the same time after the completion of the set, but also to maintain the high-pressure water and cutting the distance between the material stable, to prevent the cutting process because the machine vibration caused by the water knife on the material surface is not in the program settings within the grazing, body.

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