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Select the appropriate cutting machine can greatly enhance the cutting efficiency
Jan 09, 2017

The rapid development of machinery industry, making the performance of cutting machines are constantly improving, such as manual cutting machine tile cutting machine on the basis of the ordinary has been greatly improved, manual tile cutting machine is simple, but also in the cutting quality and accuracy Also has been greatly improved. According to the performance and role, cutting machine is divided into flame cutting machine, water cutting machine, plasma cutting machine, laser cutting machine.

Cutting machine in the cutting time to pay attention to the thickness of cutting, in comparison, the laser cutting machine is the highest accuracy, efficiency is the fastest. For different cutting objects, to select the appropriate cutting machine to cut. Metal materials and non-metallic materials in comparison, the hardness of metal materials is certainly higher, and that when the cutting tool cutting machine is clearly unable to meet its cutting conditions, not only more laborious and time-consuming, not necessarily cutting success, so the Select the cutting tool must choose a suitable, hardness is too large products, should use flame cutting machine or laser cutting machine, etc., but the cost of laser cutting machine is more expensive, but you have expensive value, it is also But also the highest precision, the fastest cutting machine.

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