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The Process and Advantages of Laser Cutting Metal
Jan 09, 2017

With the development of metal materials, CNC cutting and laser cutting technology has also been rapid growth, but due to various factors, there are cutting efficiency is low, poor quality cutting problems, resulting in a waste of materials, the current metal pipe Cutting in such a state.

In order to solve the problem of metal pipe cutting difficult to try a lot of ways, the effect is obvious or CNC laser cutting technology. Although the CNC laser tube cutting efficiency, but its cutting programming nesting more complex, if used improperly, the same will lead to waste and inefficient tube cutting.

So the need for professional pipe cutting nested software on the computer to draw pre-programmed, nested, cutting part, and generate CNC cutting process, and then applied to the large metal pipe length of automatic laser cutting materials, cutting effect can To be more effective protection.

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