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Ultra-high pressure water jet on their own requirements and the role of various materials
Jan 09, 2017

For effective material cutting, the effect of ultra-high pressure waterjet will be better, it is the role of high-pressure tools, the water after the injection of pressure, so as to achieve the purpose of cutting hard materials. In this case, the requirements of the pipes and nozzles must have a very high capacity to withstand the pressure, otherwise it is easily damaged.

It is precisely because of this, ultra-high pressure water jet nozzles are basically made of hard alloy, sapphire and other materials made of; not just material, nozzle size also has strict requirements, its nozzle diameter is only 0.05 mm, and The hole wall smooth, so as to withstand the pressure of 1700 MPa at the same time, the use of high-pressure water jet cutting materials.

Ultrahigh-pressure water jet not only requires clean water without impurities, you can also add some long-chain polymer, which can increase the water "viscosity" to further improve its capacity. As the ultra-high pressure waterjet machining accuracy, it can process complex surface parts, and after processing the parts cut smooth and tidy, no dressing.

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