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Waterjet cutting process which need to pay attention to safety issues
Jan 09, 2017

Waterjet cutting is a kind of ultra-high pressure water jet as a medium and cutting the metal, its strong cutting capacity and cutting adaptability is the main aspects of attracting consumers. You know, water knife cutting or a no thermal effect process, not only will not produce deformation, but also get a smooth cutting surface.

As an extra-high pressure equipment, the water jet itself is strictly sealed and high-pressure protection, but in the practical application, the operator must bear in mind the details of safe use to avoid failure and other undesirable phenomena.

Waterjet cutting process is mainly rely on CNC cantilever or gantry movement, driven by the completion of the movement of the cutting head, so do not close to the numerical control cantilever in the vicinity, so as to avoid accidental injury. Similarly, in the water around the cantilever, but also to avoid the existence of interferences, will affect the cutting quality.

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