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What kind of material is the cutter blade?
Jan 09, 2017

Can cut the ground, to see what the cutting film, but the cutting depth is limited. If you use it to cut the ground, while operating side cutting, while cutting pieces with water irrigated.

Cutting Machine:

With the development of modern mechanical processing industry, cutting the quality, precision requirements continue to increase, to improve production efficiency and reduce production costs, with intelligent high-performance automatic cutting function requirements are also improving. The development of CNC cutting machine must adapt to the development of modern mechanical processing industry requirements. Cutting machine is divided into flame cutting machine, plasma cutting machine, laser cutting machine, water cutting and so on. Laser cutting machine for the most efficient, cutting the highest precision, cutting thickness is generally small. Plasma cutting machine cutting speed is also very fast, the cutting surface has a certain slope. Flame cutting machine for the thickness of the carbon steel material.

Manual tile cutting machine products, low power consumption, there is a high cost-effective products are will be the favorite of consumers, many of our customers are also affirmed, we will do better.

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