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Building Aluminum Formwork Punch Machine Is Widely Used
Jun 09, 2017

Building Aluminum Formwork Punch Machine is widely used, different uses of machinery its function and shape are not the same, for the aluminum template equipment requirements, the products are widely used in automotive, electronics, electrical appliances, construction hardware, coal dust board, sand Protective wall, advertising ventilation board, stamping sheet metal and other industrial shear, punching, blanking, bending, shallow stretch and meet the molding and other cold stamping processing industry. On the construction of Aluminum Formwork Punch Machine installation of the main note are the following:

1, the construction of Aluminum Formwork Punch Machine installation, removal of mold, you must first cut off the power;

2, the installation of the mold must be open to the bottom of the slider, closed height is correct. Try to avoid eccentric loads.

3, deep throat punch mold with a preliminary positioning, and then move the punch closer to the mold, and then observe, twist the nut to mold the mold to ensure that the gap around the mold equal.

4, the mold tightened, jogging observation of the mold on the middle, try to punch parts, check the parts have flash phenomenon, if there is a partial adjustment.

5, the mold must be solid, so as not to damage the mold and deep throat punch.

6, the demolition of the mold, must be in the mold state.

I plant mainly produces all kinds of aluminum alloy template punching equipment and molds, punching aluminum alloy template standard parts and special parts for a variety of different thickness and pitch of the building aluminum template punching and processing.

The company specializes in aluminum alloy construction template manufacturers to provide technical guidance, non-standard equipment design and other one-stop service; and provide software engineers and technical staff and management personnel. The company can provide the old punch equipment and the transformation of the old mold and maintenance.

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