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Aluminum Formwork Punch Machine Mainly By Hydraulic Drilling Made Of
Oct 30, 2017

Excessive processing for a long time will make the service life of the machine shorter, some of which will occur frequently, the Aluminum Formwork Punch Machine work will encounter fault problems, the diagnosis of hydraulic single row punching machine has a variety of fault methods, Punching machine can be divided into the main eye, sniff, heard. Eye view is through the eyes to see the hydraulic single row punching machine system work. Such as the oil tank within the tank to meet the requirements, with or without bubbles and discoloration phenomenon. Aluminum Formwork Punch Machine is mainly made by hydraulic drilling, forming the hole is made of hard punch made of a row of material can be washed on the hole, the size can be adjusted; Aluminum Formwork Punch Machine sealing parts and tubes The pressure and other parts of the oil spill; pressure gauge and oil temperature table in the work of the indication of the value of changes in the fault site with or without damage, the connection gradually fall off and loose parts of the phenomenon of hearing is listening to the hydraulic system with or without abnormal sound.

The normal machine running sound has a certain rhythm and temperament and remains stable. Therefore, familiar with and master these laws and remain stable. Therefore, familiar with and grasp these laws, you can accurately diagnose whether the hydraulic system is working properly; at the same time, according to the rhythm and temperament changes, as well as abnormal sound generated parts, you can determine the failure of the components, you can determine the fault Occurrence of the site and extent of injury. Such as treble harsh screams, usually sucked into the air; hydraulic pump "chattering" or "giggle" sound, often the pump shaft or bearing damage; the valve issued "Chi Chi" sound, is the stem open Lack of; heavy Shen "blah" sound, may be overload valve overload sound.

If the cavitation sound, it may be the oil filter is blocked by dirt, hydraulic pump suction tube loose or oil tank is too low. Nasal smell is smell there is no abnormal smell, if there is a special smell, it should immediately stop the construction for inspection and testing.

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