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Construction Aluminum Formwork Punch Machine Maintenance Requirements
Jun 21, 2017

First, the Aluminum Formwork Punch Machine must be done routine maintenance and surface cleaning, and need to ensure that there is no debris on the body.

Second, the motor must be carried out in the boot when the observation is not a shift or a strange sound.

Third, the pneumatic part of the clamping and separation is flexible, and whether the pneumatic effect can be sucked freely. But also often need to check whether the leak or not.

Fourth, check the construction of Aluminum Formwork Punch Machine punching has reached the design goal, whether the mold counterparts and so on. 1, washable hydraulic single row punching machine size knife, skateboard sliding surface, screw, nut, knife, adjust the oblique iron. Requirements: the Ministry of clean, the sliding surface without burrs; size knife, oblique iron, screw, nut clearance appropriate; screw, light bar, bar cleaning bar. 2, cleaning hydraulic single row punching machine tailstock sets of simple, screw. Requirements: tailstock and sleeve, screw cleaning. 3, check the hydraulic single row punching machine cooling pump, filter, cooling pipe. Requirements: ministries clean, remove the coolant tank sedimentation, debris; pipe smooth, solid and clean. 4, scrub the hydraulic single row punching machine surface, dead angle, protective cover, check the external missing parts. Requirements: ministries clean, no grease, no yellow robe, no rust; protective cover inside and outside; 5, aluminum template equipment company pointed out that scrub hydraulic single row punching machine spindle box oil filter, check the adjustment fork, spindle back cap, positioning screw, brake belt, clutch, V-belt. Requirements: oil filter clean; check the spindle back cap without loosening; variable speed positioning screw adjustment appropriate; brake belt sensitive and reliable, adjust the friction plate clutch clearance, V-belt elastic appropriate. 6, cleaning wheel box, gear sleeve.

Construction Aluminum Formwork Punch Machine processing equipment punching equipment maintenance cleaning requirements: the Ministry of cleaning; adjust the gear meshing clearance appropriate.

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