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How The Surface Grinder And Straightening Machine Encounter Failure Should Be Used
Oct 30, 2017

The machine in the course of the use of a variety of different situations will occur, resulting in many of the reasons for these failures, such as equipment maintenance is not timely lead to hidden danger is not promptly ruled out; equipment aging can lead to damage to the workpiece can not continue to use; Failure and so on. The plane grinder and the straightener are also used as an instrument for polishing the surface of the workpiece and are malfunctioning during use. When these failures occur, the workers should know how to find the cause of the problem and be able to solve it in a timely and correct manner.

As the main function of the plane grinder and straightener is Grinder and Straightening Machine, but when the machine fails when the surface grinding will occur uneven situation. There are many reasons for this, and workers have to troubleshoot and discover the root cause of the problem. Check the equipment problem by looking at the polished surface of the workpiece, because it can directly reflect the root of the problem where the problem. As long as the steps in accordance with the inspection, you can find the equipment what problems led to the polishing effect is not ideal.

First of all to check whether the grinding wheel wear, some of the more soft grinding wheel in the grinding time can not eat on the force, so the workpiece surface will be uneven. In addition, the workpiece in the polishing process of grinding if the surface of the burning situation, you need to check whether the Grinder and Straightening Machine is too large lead to damage to the workpiece. It can be seen that the plane Grinder and Straightening Machine grinding wheel to choose the appropriate hardness, excellent or too soft are wrong. If the hardness of the wheel is no problem, it is necessary to see if it is not properly installed, if there is no fixed parts, there will be the situation, you need to re-install the equipment to ensure that work properly.

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