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How To Avoid The Problems Encountered In The Polishing Process Of Tile Circular Arc Machine?
Jan 09, 2017

Tile circular arc machine is generally applicable to the scope of the more common use is mainly supporting the use of stone processing plants and construction sites directly on the use. Because it moves when simple and convenient, fast, can be very good to improve work efficiency. Then. In the polishing process, the most want to do is to improve the polishing rate. In order to achieve good results in the use of abrasive, it is also an important decision when using coarse abrasive to ensure a greater rate of polishing to remove the polished layer of damage, but the polishing damage layer But also deep; when using the finest abrasive, the polishing damage layer is shallow, but the polishing rate is low. For the above two cases, the best way is to tile the circular arc machine polishing is divided into two stages to use. The first stage is to increase its maximum polishing rate, the second stage is the precision polishing, remove rough surface generated surface damage.

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