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How To Choose Waterjet Cutting Is The Most Sensible?
Jan 09, 2017

And laser cutting, plasma cutting, EDM cutting, wire cutting, water cutting, water cutting has its unique advantages. In the case of metal processing, water cutting is a cold cut, without heat affected zone during processing, no heat distortion, narrow cutting (can nest the workpiece, the maximum level of thrifty data), precision advanced features. In addition waterjet cutting not only used in traditional processing can also be used for the rest of the processing equipment can not achieve the data cutting, such as glass, ceramics, composite materials, paper, chemical fiber, thermal information ...

Many people think that laser cutting is much better than water cutting in cutting speed, but neglected laser cutting in the thickness is limited, such as cutting only in the thickness of 16mm within the metal material, and another in the cutting edge Of the heat affected zone. Waterjet cutting is not the case, it can cut the thickness of more than 30mm and even 100mm of the data are no problem, and have no effect on the information itself, almost able to cut any information. Based on these factors most people have the choice of laser cutting to choose waterjet cutting.

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