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How To Use Aluminum Formwork Punch Machine?
Jun 21, 2017

For many are not familiar with the Aluminum Formwork Punch Machine friends, the operation of Aluminum Formwork Punch Machine is a difficult thing, the following by Rui Yu Xiaobian for everyone to explain how to use Aluminum Formwork Punch Machine? Aluminum Formwork Punch Machine to ensure that all the scheduled functions. Such as the movement of the machine part of the form, speed, movement accuracy and stability, the need to pass the power, and some of the special requirements (such as high temperature, moisture, etc.). Secondly, to ensure that the prescribed functions, the prescribed movement and the required productivity are effectively performed within a given working time and under predetermined operating conditions.

1, Aluminum Formwork Punch Machine is mainly used for angle iron, flat iron, copper and other metal plate perforation, especially for electricity, construction and other industries in the field site operation.

2, at the end of the design of a flat base, smooth can not shake down.

3, single hole type oil, mold with high carbon tungsten alloy steel can not be damaged.

4, Aluminum Formwork Punch Machine reference to foreign advanced products, combined with the actual domestic to improve work efficiency and ensure the safety requirements of the design and supporting equipment.

5, Aluminum Formwork Punch Machine is best suited for the production of large-scale electric control box and transmission and distribution construction of the construction site use.

6, high flexibility, small size and strong function, high production capacity and high efficiency.

7, low noise harmless, processed products beautiful and will not cause pollution of the working environment.

8, the scope of work (bending row, punching, cutting) outside the addition of another valve control 3m tubing can be matching crimp terminals, shear cable or embossing work, to achieve a multi-purpose machine.

Aluminum Formwork Punch Machine Note:

1, Aluminum Formwork Punch Machine supporting the electric pump system pressure factory has been adjusted to a certain range, the user can not be adjusted.

2, Aluminum Formwork Punch Machine assembly, the next model, the upper and lower models must be the same model, the mold must be tightened sets of fixed.

3, Aluminum Formwork Punch Machine placed under the mold to pay attention to the knife up (a small aperture), must not be installed but damaged the machine.

4, Aluminum Formwork Punch Machine in the course of operation, the system has work pressure in the case, can not remove the quick connector.

5, should pay attention to remove the hole when the waste, so as not to fill the mold hole and damage the mold.

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