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Operating Rules Of CNC Waterjet Cutting Machine
Jan 09, 2017

1, according to thickness regulation swap parameters, should not cut a set of different parameters of processing parameters.

Cutting parameters including cutting tip type, oxygen pressure, cutting speed and preheat flame energy, etc., the choice of process parameters based on gas cutting machine examples and cutting the thickness of the plate, not cut off the steel, should cut similar steel, Cutting parameters, at the same time reflect on the gas flow cut Tsui.

2, pay attention to small details and small results, should not exaggerate the function of equipment and consequences.

Even the application of CNC cutting machine, but also a clear application of equipment limitations, such as removal of steel for the dirt, grease and other details of the results also need to do before cutting in place. In addition, if there is room to stay out of space in order to facilitate slag blowing, cutting torch move should adhere to uniform speed 2 ~ 5mm, can not make torch spacing steel plate too close or too far in order to avoid thin edge melting or heat insufficient Results also need to pay attention to veteran.

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