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Overview Of Building Aluminum Formwork Punch Machine
Sep 27, 2017

Construction Aluminum Forming Punching Machine A new type of machine designed for the aluminum punching of the construction industry is suitable for the construction of aluminum formwork in the aluminum template, the wall panel and the floor panel punching. Replace the old punching machine punch a hole of a defect, a stroke can be completed punching 30 (calculated by 3 meters).

First of all, the requirements of the new building Aluminum Formwork Punch Machine to ensure that all the functions of the scheduled. Such as the movement of the machine part of the form, speed, movement accuracy and stability, the need to pass the power, and some of the special requirements (such as high temperature, moisture, etc.). Secondly, to ensure that the prescribed functions, the prescribed movement and the required productivity are effectively performed within a given working time and under predetermined operating conditions.

Economy is a comprehensive index, requiring the construction of Aluminum Formwork Punch Machine design, manufacturing costs are low, the production cycle is short, the use of machines to produce high efficiency, low consumption (electricity, oil, water, raw materials and auxiliary materials less), management Maintenance costs are low.

Must pay attention to the relationship between man and machine. Building Aluminum Formwork Punch Machine operating system should be simple and reliable, will help reduce the operator's labor intensity, to be able to achieve the protection of the operator to ensure personal safety and good health, and to ensure that the construction of Aluminum Formwork Punch Machine to adapt to the environment Sex. For example, to ensure the safety of operators, easy to operate and effort, to improve the operator's working environment (such as noise control, etc.), handsome in appearance.

On the construction of Aluminum Formwork Punch Machine installation of the matter: the machine for the heavy impact equipment, to be installed in the ground strong environment.

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