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Precautions For Water Jet Cutting Steel Pipe
Jan 09, 2017

Here, the "proper" meaning nothing less than two aspects: the economy and process adaptability.

First talk about process adaptability. In addition to the smaller diameter of the steel pipe (not greater than 50mm) or steel bar (not more than 100mm), the water knife to cut, the steel pipe or steel bar must be twisted up the ability to cut. Also, in order not to damage the inner wall of the steel pipe, but also to use other steps. Cutting steel rod, also must be three-axis linkage. This decision, such as water cutting machine is more complicated.

Besides the economy, in addition to the above-mentioned water cutting machine due to the complex decision of its capital and the price is not low, the unit processing obligations of cutting costs, water knife compared to other cutting wrist even if not the highest must be the second highest. Also, the cutting rate must not be the highest. Therefore, if the cost or to seek to reduce the rate of water jet is a big mistake.

In summary, cutting steel or steel, several cutting machine should be the order of choice: disc cutting machine, flame / plasma cutting machine, laser cutting machine, water knife cutting machine.

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