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Spot Welding On The Welding And Robot Requirements Are Not Very High
May 26, 2017

Spot welding on the Welding and Robot requirements are not very high. Because spot welding only point control, as the welding clamp between the point and the point of the trajectory is not strictly required, which is the first robot can only be used for spot welding reasons. Spot Welding and Robot not only have enough load capacity, but also in the point between the points when the speed to be fast, the action should be smooth, accurate positioning to reduce the time to shift

High efficiency. How much load capacity is required for spot Welding and Robot depends on the type of welding tongs used. For robots that are separated from the transformer, 30 to 45 kg of loaded robots are sufficient. However, this kind of welding tongs on the one hand due to the secondary cable length, power loss is large, is not conducive to the robot welding clamp into the workpiece welding; the other side of the cable with the robot movement and swing, cable damage faster The Therefore, the current increase in the use of one-piece welding clamp. This kind of welding tongs together with the transformer quality is about 70kg. Taking into account the robot to have enough load capacity, with a large acceleration to the welding fixture to the location of the welding, are generally selected 100 ~ 150kg load heavy-duty robot. In order to meet the continuous spot welding welding clamp short distance rapid shift requirements. The new heavy-duty robot has been able to complete the 50mm displacement function within 0.3s. This is the performance of the motor, the computer's speed and algorithm are put forward higher requirements.

Spot Welding and Robot welding equipment, due to the use of an integrated welding clamp, welding transformer installed in the welding clamp behind, so the transformer must be as small as possible. For the smaller capacity of the transformer can be used 50Hz frequency AC, and for the larger capacity of the transformer, has begun to use inverter technology to 50Hz frequency AC into 600 ~ 700Hz AC, so that the transformer volume reduction and reduce. After the transformer can be directly used 600 ~ 700Hz AC welding, can also be re-rectified, with DC welding. The welding parameters are adjusted by the timer, see Figure 1b. The new timer has been computerized, so the robot control cabinet can directly control the timer, no need to reprovision the interface. Spot Welding and Robot welding tongs, usually with pneumatic welding tongs, pneumatic welding clamp between the two electrodes generally have only two levels of opening. And the electrode pressure can not be changed as soon as it is set. In recent years there has been a new electric servo spot welding clamp, as shown in Figure 4. The opening and closing of the welding tongs is driven by the servo motor, and the feedback of the welding tongs can be arbitrarily selected and preset according to the actual needs. And the pressing force between the electrodes can also be adjusted steplessly. This new electric servo spot welder has the following advantages:

1) The welding cycle of each solder joint can be greatly reduced, because the degree of opening of the welding clamp is precisely controlled by the robot, the robot moves between the point and the point, the welding clamp can begin to close; After the welding clamp side of the open, the robot can be on the side of the displacement, do not have to wait for the robot in place after the welding clamp was closed or welding clamp completely open after the robot and then move;

2) welding clamp opening degree can be adjusted according to the situation of the workpiece, as long as no collision or interference as much as possible to reduce the opening degree, in order to save the welding clamp opening to save the welding clamp opening and closing time.

3) When the welding clamp is closed and pressurized, not only the size of the pressure can be adjusted, but also when the two electrodes are closed, the impact deformation and noise are reduced.

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