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The Advantages Of Building Aluminum Formwork Punch Machine
Jul 04, 2017

Aluminum alloy template instead of the traditional template has been widely used, and its light weight, high strength, large plate format, the advantages of less sewing effectively guarantee the construction quality. Although the early injection of aluminum alloy template is relatively high, but it can effectively shorten the construction period, improve the construction quality, reduce the secondary construction caused by unnecessary trouble. At the same time, because the design of aluminum mold has the characteristics of standardization and specifications, so that it can adapt to any location of the installation and construction, and to the standardization of construction projects have been effectively protected and improved.

In the construction of Aluminum Formwork Punch Machine in the actual construction process, different parts can use the corresponding specifications of the aluminum alloy template for seamless splicing and assembly, in the system after the completion of the assembly work to form a whole frame, with good stability, Bearing capacity of high characteristics. At the same time, because the aluminum template can be reused many times, stability and environmental protection is extremely strong and the residual rate is low, the recycling rate of waste scrap can reach 50%, the use of the template to minimize the impact of the environment, in line with China Current sustainable development goals and green ideas.

1. Construction period is short, the use of building Aluminum Formwork Punch Machine quick mold system, 4-5 days to complete the construction of a floor.

2. The number of repeated use, can be turnover 150-300 times, the average use of low cost.

3. Light (25kg / ㎡ or so), construction convenience, high efficiency.

4. Good stability, strong bearing capacity (up to 60KN / ㎡).

5. The surface quality of concrete is smooth and smooth, basically meet the requirements of finishes and clear water concrete, without the need for dilution, can save the relevant costs.

6. On-site construction environment is safe, clean and tidy.

7. Standard, versatility, only need to replace 20-30% of the non-standard board.

8. High recovery value (about 400 yuan / ㎡).

9. Building Aluminum Formwork Punch Machine low-carbon emission reduction, significantly reduce the loss of timber resources.

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