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The Head Of A Sand Cutting Machine
Jan 09, 2017

Cutter cutting machine used in the cutting of the mesh is the number of mesh per square inch of the number of empty eyes, water knife sand mesh is used to weigh the water knife sand particle size, generally defined as the screen is The number of holes in 1 square inch, so the larger the mesh, the finer particles. 50 mesh refers to the hole per square inch is 50, 500 is 500, the higher the mesh, the more holes. In addition to the perforation of the performance of the screen, it is also used to express the particles through the screen, the higher the mesh size, the smaller the particle size. Waterjet sand commonly used mesh number is 60 and 80, it is a particle size section, including the mesh tight convergence in the 60 mesh and 80 mesh. Water here 60 goals than the 80 target to be thicker. Waterjet application for the purpose of the water knife to deal with the sand is very tight, but in fact not to say that the greater the number of mesh cutting the better. Waterjet in the choice of the appropriate mesh of the moment, depends on the diameter of the sand pipe and cutting material. However, 80 is generally the standard water jet models. Stone industry is simply 60-metal industry with 60 and 80 of the two glass industry is 80 goals.

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