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Use Water Knives To Cut Tiles Need To Pay Attention To What Matters
Jan 09, 2017

1, in the manual control of tile waterjet cutting machine at the moment, pay attention to when the water jet cutting machine to cut the edge of the moment, we must be careful of light, along the cutting of the main axis of progress, slightly tiles to intercept, can not use too much Of the force, so as to form a fracture;

2, because we manipulate the process which is difficult to control the rise and fall of the control plane, which requests, we check the control plane before cutting the flatness, uneven surface is not used to cut the control surface, will destroy the knife Head and cutting the consequences, perhaps we can specifically tailor-made used to manipulate the three-dimensional ups and downs;

3, in the cutting process, not when the equipment should be manipulated too high, so that the blade and tile collision, and damage;

4 manually manipulate the water jet cutting machine time, if you want to break the brick surface, do not use the power of the blade, the use of all the power to break the body better, the blade will have a certain degree of protection.

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