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Waterjet Accessories - Introduction To Turbochargers
Jan 09, 2017

High pressure water should be the original supercharger or hydraulic oil on the piston, the piston connected to the high-pressure plunger rod will push out the water in the high-pressure cylinder. Based on the law of conservation of energy, assuming friction-free consumption, the two work commensurate. At this point, the oil pressure multiplied by the piston cross-sectional area is the water pressure multiplied by the plunger rod cross-sectional area, that is, the ratio of hydraulic pressure and oil pressure is the oil piston cross-sectional area and high pressure plunger rod cross-sectional area ratio. Oil piston cross-sectional area and cross-sectional area of the high-pressure plunger rod is called "boost ratio", because its ratio is firm, so by regulating oil pressure can be adjusted water pressure.

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