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Waterjet Cleaning Techniques And Other Ways
Jan 09, 2017

1. Water jet pressure and flow can be easily adjusted, so will not damage the substrate was washing;

2. Ultra-high pressure water jet will not form a secondary purification, washing, after no special request, do not need to stop clean disposal;

3. Wash the shape and layout of the complex objects in a small space or unruly place to stop the washing of homework;

4. With the chemical cleaning, biological cleaning differences, high pressure water jet cleaning no harmful substances emissions and situation purification results;

5. Ultra-high pressure water jet washing fast, completely. Such as the heat exchanger for more than 95% of the noise, gas boiler descaling rate of 95% or more;

6. Washing costs are low, about as long as the chemical cleaning 1/3 of you, that is, ultra-high pressure water jet washing is fine jet, are energy-efficient equipment;

7. Ultra-high pressure water jet cleaning equipment materials, features, shape and scale species no special request, only to request water jet can be reached.

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