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What Is The History Of The Development Of Aluminum Formwork Milling Machine In The Construction Industry?
Jun 21, 2017

Aluminum Formwork Milling Machine have been widely used in the construction industry of Western developed countries. China's aluminum template industry is the beginning of development in recent years, and now only in the developed areas have applications, most of the region or the use of the original wooden template construction equipment. What is the history of the development of Aluminum Formwork Milling Machine? Xiaobian below for everyone to explain the specific development of Aluminum Formwork Milling Machine history.

Aluminum Formwork Milling Machine has been nearly 60 years since its inception, large construction companies are now almost all use Aluminum Formwork Milling Machine, like China's real estate giant Vanke, in the construction of high-rise buildings, such as all use Aluminum Formwork Milling Machine. Building Aluminum Formwork Milling Machine have a lot of advantages over traditional wood formwork equipment.

First, the construction is relatively simple, improve the construction efficiency. Building Aluminum Formwork Milling Machine assembly is simple, light weight, in the handling process completely by the manual handling can be no machine equipment handling, greatly saving the mechanical input and improve work efficiency.

Second, environmental protection, the number of repeated use. The use of building Aluminum Formwork Milling Machine accessories can be reused, the accessories loss is small, a set of equipment can be reused up to 200 times. And after the demolition of the site will not miss the garbage, the construction environment clean.

Third, good quality, strong endurance Most of the building aluminum modules can withstand up to 50KN per square meter, enough to meet the requirements of most high-rise buildings.

Fourth, the building effect is good. After the demolition of the concrete body surface smooth, saving the latter part of the construction costs, construction quality has been greatly improved, saving the construction steps and improve the construction efficiency.

Fifth, the construction period is short. Construction Aluminum Formwork Milling Machine normal construction period up to 5 days a layer, to improve the progress of the construction, significant savings in management costs.

The above is on the construction industry, the development of Aluminum Formwork Milling Machine history, Xiao Bian specially sorted out for everyone to learn to communicate with each other.

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